Learn About Diversity With Swarm

March 22, 2011Written by Tyler Minarik

It’s never easy being the new guy, so Hothead Games wants to make sure everyone is receptive of their new Swarmite friends by providing a diversity education video.

As Swarm prepares to overrun the PlayStation Network, you may notice the main characters of the game have a slightly different way of thinking. By that I mean, they pretty much don’t think. Few things are more annoying than dealing with someone who is thoughtless, careless, and generally abrasive, so a new video is being distributed in an attempt to ease tensions.

Now that you’re equipped to handle this mentally challenged drones in a politically correct manner, it’s time to face the facts that they don’t have much hope for the future anyway. An enormous number of deadly traps, obstacles, and all around violent mayhem stands in their way, ready to brutally dismember the little guys for our sadistic pleasure. Swarm releases for the PlayStation Network tomorrow in NA, and on March 30th in Europe. Are you ready to eviscerate some Swarmites in a quest for points and high scores?