Metal Gear Solid 4 Trophy List Leaked, Patch Incoming

On July 2, 2008 the PlayStation was updated to system software 2.40. And with it, along with a few handy features, came the addition of unlockable trophies for select PlayStation 3 titles. While trophies are indeed mandatory now, there was once a time when only a few games supported them.

Metal Gear Solid 4 released on the PlayStation 3 just 3 weeks before firmware 2.40 went live, and fans have begged for the title to receive a patch to enable trophies ever since. Konami made the point to state that they’re listening to the outcry from fans, but couldn’t yet give anything more solid than that. Then, the Greatest Hits version of MGS4 was repackaged recently, and on the case listed trophy support. Unfortunately, that was just a misprint.

Today we received a leaked Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots trophy list from an unnamed source who works closely with Konami, and confirmation that the long-awaited trophy patch is coming.

In total, Metal Gear Solid 4 will have 42 trophies including: 29 bronze, 8 silver, 4 gold and 1 platinum. Of those, 16 trophies are hidden (we have those descriptions as well, but are story related so heed our spoiler warning).

Here is the leaked trophy list for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots:

(Hidden) Beast in the Middle East (Bronze) – Complete Act 1: Liquid Sun

(Hidden) Mouth of the South (Bronze) – Complete Act 2: Solid Sun

(Hidden) Big Mama Drama (Bronze) – Complete Act 3: Third Sun

(Hidden) Shadow of its Former Self (Bronze) – Complete Act 4: Twin Suns

(Hidden) Haven and Hell (Bronze) – Complete Act 5: Old Sun

Iron Lung (Bronze) – Smoke a cigarette

Disappearing Act (Bronze) – Use Octo-camo

So Beautiful it’s Scary (Bronze) – Encounter the Beauty and the Beast unit for the first time

Heimlich Maneuver (Bronze) – Choke 10 enemies until unconscious using CQC

Connoisseur of the Finer Things (Bronze) – Browse through 5 Playboy magazines

Mmm, Noodles (Bronze) – Consume 10 portions of Noodles

Smooth Operator (Bronze) – Attach a new suppressor to the Operator pistol

Think Different (Bronze) – Relax with the iPod

Point and Shoot (Bronze) – Take a photo of the Policenauts poster

Earth, Wind and Fire (Bronze) – Fire the Tanegashima and create a whirlwind

Sweet Dreams (Bronze) – Fire over 50 tranquilizer rounds into one enemy

15 Minutes Can Save You 15% (Silver) – Defeat 15 Gekko

(Hidden) Emotionally Damaged (Silver) – Successfully hit an enemy with each of the Emotion rounds

(Hidden) Batteries Not Included (Bronze) – Locate all batteries using Metal Gear Mk. II

(Hidden) Savvy Shopper (Bronze) – Spend 100,000 DP at Drebin on a Wednesday or Sunday

Gaseous Snake (Silver) – Put 3 enemies to sleep at once using the Sleep Gas Mine

Night at the Movies (Bronze) – Watch all cut scenes without skipping

RC Metal Gear (Bronze) – Take control of Mk. II for the first time

Error Macro (Bronze) – Enter the incorrect code at Shadow Moses

Little Drummer Boy (Bronze) – Roll in the drum can until Snake vomits

Don’t Be a Hayter (Bronze) – Change Snake’s name to David Hayter during the intro

West Coast Customs (Bronze) – Purchase all available customizations for any one weapon

Heavy Artiliary (Silver) – Purchase all available customizations for all weapons

Shake it Up Baby (Bronze) – Use SIXAXIS motion controls to shake Rose’s breasts

Weapons of Mass Destitution (Bronze) – Spend over 10,000,000 DP total at Drebin

(Hidden) Desmond Miles (Bronze) – Unlock Altair’s outfit

(Hidden) Kiss of Death (Silver) – Get Liquid Ocelot to kiss Snake on the cheek

(Hidden) Just Like Old Times (Silver) – Find and equip the Mk. 23 SOCOM at Shadow Moses

(Hidden) X Marks the Crop (Bronze) – Find the crop circle in Act 2

(Hidden) Ready For Your Close up? (Silver) – Engage photo mode with all beauties

(Hidden) All Dolled Up (Bronze) – Obtain all hidden dolls

(Hidden) Got your back! (Silver) – Shoot Vamp while he is fighting Raiden

Genocide (Gold) – Kill over 10,000 enemies

Gray Fox (Gold) – Complete the game using The Boss Extreme difficulty

(Hidden) Killing Her Softly (Gold) – Defeat all of the Beauty and the Beast unit using only tranquilizer rounds.

Like a Boss (Gold) – Unlock the Big Boss Emblem

Solid Snake (Platinum) – April Fools!

Okay, that was cruel, we know – but here’s some good news: A trophy patch for Metal Gear Solid 4 is finally on it’s way. Click here for dull details.