The Agency Canceled in SOE Restructure

Word was released yesterday that Sony Online Entertainment would be seeing massive layoffs. The layoffs would affect several studios, with a few of them actually being shut down. Today we got word that in addition to the layoffs, a long in development title will be canceled.

In a statement from SOE, they say that to “reduce costs and streamline its global workforce”, 205 employees would be let go, and that the studios in Denver, Seattle and Tucson will be closed. They also go on to say, that in addition to the layoffs, production on The Agency will be halted. The Agency has been in development for quite some time, with gamers first shown the title back in 2007. The cancellation is a “strategic plan”, so they can focus on two new MMOs, based on their PlanetSide and EverQuest properties.

SOE does go onto say that the restructuring will have no affect on its current portfolio of live games, including DC Universe Online and Free Realms.