Crysis 2 Patches Nanosuit, but It Simply Isn’t Enough

Just a few days ago, Crysis 2 received its first major patch, but what it contained has been unknown… until now. The notes have been released and it appears that many minor issues and bugs have been patched, but are they enough?

The full notelog for Crysis 2‘s v1.02 patch is available below:

  • A number of AI fixes and improvements (single-player campaign)
  • Improved anti-cheat protection
  • Fix for missing and corrupt sounds
  • Fix for music tracks repeating when they shouldn’t, and two different tracks occasionally playing at the same time
  • A range of networking improvements, including fixes to host migration
  • Fix for Capture the Relay where the CELL team would occasionally not be able to pick-up the relay in the second round
  • Addressed a bug with the “Show All” radar option when players would intermittently not be shown
  • Ammo crates now disappear from tactical hints when they’re emptied (single-player campaign)
  • Fix for a number of After-Match Awards not being correctly allocated
  • Fix for inaccurate audio being played during the kill replay camera
  • Smoothed the transition into and out of the kill replay camera
  • Fix for the battle announcer audio occasionally reporting inaccurate Support Bonus information
  • Fix for the Deflection bonus staying permanently active if held by a player at the end of a round
  • Fix for menus scrolling continually if a direction is held on the left analog stick during load
  • Various Skill Assessment fixes so stats are tracked correctly
  • Leaderboard fixes for data occasionally being shown in the incorrect column
  • Fix for an issue with shadow rendering
  • Fix for crouch and zoom being on the same button in one of the alternate control schemes
  • Added additional announcer signposting when approaching the score limit in game modes
  • Fix for players of rank 50 being shown as rank 51 in-game
  • Improved ledge grab transition speed
  • Reduced lag when switching weapons
  • Fix for a Stealth Kill bug where, if performing a kill on a moving target, pressing the button would sometimes drag players along behind that opponent instead of performing the kill
  • Fix for explosions occasionally not rendering in the kill replay camera
  • Fix for an issue when trying to switch weapon during a slide, where players were sometimes left in a no-weapon
  • While the list of fixes is large, many members of the community are still concerned about framerate, campaign bugs, among other issues. Crytek has fallen onto the same treadmill as Treyarch, and will likely be battling post-launch issues for the next few months. If you have any concerns about Crysis 2‘s stability, share your thoughts in our comment section and make your voice heard.