Slam Bolt Scrappers – Trophy Guide

Slam Bolt Scrappers plays similar to other great puzzlers; it takes a half hour to learn followed by days of mastering. Not to mention the love/hate relationship you’ll develop over time when you think you’ll feel unstoppable, only to try a new level or difficulty and quickly realize you’re not. SBS has 17 trophies, and we’ve got an all inclusive guide to help you prove you’re the best block-layer-downer.

As with any puzzle title, mastery comes with a hefty amount of practice and learning the tricks of the game. The best we can do is offer some pointers regarding trends we’ve noticed in order to help you beef up your own playing style. Read below if you want some general hints and playing guides, otherwise skip down for the trophy guide.

As you continue through the campaign, you will recognize the pattern or turns the game takes. First you will be given a wave of enemies in which you and your opponent try to kill as fast as possible in order to collect the most blocks. The next phase is placing them coherently in your space so they begin attacking as soon as possible. Following this is a deafening silence where the only thing left to do is defend your base/yourself, or attack and knock out your opponent. Then the cycle repeats. Mastery of the game comes when you can properly determine when it is best to build, or attack. Strike too early, and you risk being knocked out right before a wave of fresh enemies comes to replenish you and your enemies’ base, but strike too late and all the blocks you’ve yet to place will be stolen by your opponent.

Playing on Normal and Hard results in an enemy who respond slower to you and the environment changes, while Expert will give you a perfectly timed enemy who can efficiently kill enemies and place his blocks. The easiest way to trump an expert enemy is to do it at the start of the level. You’ll have about a minute to kill everything you can, place all your blocks and then attempt to kill him. Letting them get the upperhand early will almost always result in a retry or a prolonged stalemate. If you can, aim to knock the enemy out right before the baddies respawn. This gives you a nice 10-15 seconds to rearrange and organize your base without interruption.

Finally, the best offense is distraction. In moments where you’re beginning to over power their towers with yours, aim to keep the computer busy so they can’t get power ups or continue building. Attack them and quickly block, or fly in circles to keep them on your tail. It’s a delicate balance, but the longer he pays you attention, the more time your towers can continue the punishment.

Master Architect- Build a 10×10 weapon (on any level other than Mega Blocks)

– As with many of Slam Bolt Scrapper’s trophies, you can do this is battle mode with a second controller port. Start a battle mode with 2 players and black cannons as the only weapon. Just make sure your  opponent’s base doesn’t get destroyed while you shape your own.

King of the Mountain (Bronze) Beat Mountain Top 1

– Campaign related.

Downtown Defender (Bronze) Beat Downtown 2: The Skyscraper

– Campaign related

Unstoppable (Bronze) Knock out 20 opponents without dying in a single match

Another seemingly impossible objective that is easily accomplished within battle mode. Just like Master Architect, the difficultly lies with keeping your second player alive, if you don’t have a second person present.

Lucky (Bronze) Get past the enemy hoard in Armageddon without dying

– Campaign related. Impossible not to get if you play on casual.

Battle is Best (Bronze) Play 25 Battle Mode matches

Easy enough, and since you can use bots and team modes, there is plenty of variety.

Grubby (Bronze) Beat 1000 grub

-Tiring, but possible.

Chicken Puncher (Bronze) Beat 100 demon cavalry

Tiring, but possible.

Multitasker (Bronze) Win a match using beverage mode controls

-Turn beverage controls on in the start menu. Win.

Slam Bolt Royalty (Bronze) Beat all the hidden campaign levels

There’s only one ‘hidden’ level, Armageddon 2, and it can be unlocked after beating all the other levels on hard or expert.

Cat Burglar (Bronze) Steal your way to victory

Another one you can achieve like Master Architect, just start up a multiplayer match and wait for a steal power up to take your opponents one and only weapon.

Perfectionist (Bronze) Beat Mountain Top 1 without taking any damage

Practice, or just turn on casual mode.

Creep Rights Activist (Bronze) Win a level without killing any baddies

– Seemingly impossible with what it asks, but really you just need to win a multiplayer match while one player doesn’t attack.

Silver City Savior (Silver) – Beat the campaign

This is extremely doable, with only 14 levels in the campaign.

Man vs. Machine (Silver) Win a 1v2 battle against 2 Hard CPs

One of the hardest and most frustrating trophies, it’ll really come down to how well you know the game. Since there’s no one way to win, the best I can offer is some strategies. Play a battle mode with either 2 or 3 weapons. I used blue, red, and purple. Do NOT use the drill/green or black as they require too much coddling and thought. You want to be able to focus on collecting and placing as fast as possible.

You’re going to have these two brutes in your face the whole time, so block, block, block. Not only does this seemingly render them useless as they stand and wait for you to unblock, but you can often cheap them to death by unblocking long enough to throw a quick jab.

Best bet is to build your base up quick, and then distract them as much as possible and let your weapons do the rest.

What Campaign? (Silver) Play 100 Battle Mode Matches

Phew, good luck.

Fire Chief (Silver) Beat all campaign levels on expert difficulty

This is the hardest trophy, and for it, you’ll definitely need some friends. I personally couldn’t get through the Armageddon stages or the Fire levels without at least 2 other people with me. Again, the strategies for all of them is building quick, and keeping your enemies busy. Steal ammo, and then if your base is doing well, consume it just to be sure your enemy won’t have a chance to have it.