Ken Levine Will Make You Dive Deep in Bioshock: Infinite

April 13, 2011Written by Josh Fernandes

Ken Levine’s development history includes some of the most critically acclaimed games, such as Thief, System Shock 2, and the original Bioshock. Not only were these games applauded for their gameplay, but for the depth of their story and character development. Recently, Levine discussed his relationship with publisher Take-Two Interactive.

Levine was quick to emphasize that Take-Two was just as eager as Irrational Games to approve of complex themes. When asked if Take-Two wanted Irrational Games to simplify their narratives for average gamers, Levine replied:

God, no. With some of the stuff we’re doing on Infinite, I need to dumb it down for me.

Levine went on to talk about how much support Take-Two has given Irrational Games over the years.

Take Two in particular, is pretty bold on this stuff. [Take-Two chairman and CEO Zelnick] Strauss and the gang signed off immediately. Frankly, in their shoes, I don’t know if I would have written a check for [BioShock 1]. ‘Trust me! The kids love objectivism!’ I think for them its about ‘We pay the talent to be, you know, talented, so let’s trust them.’

It appears that Take-Two Interactive is very confident in Irrational Games’ ability to produce a quality product. If Bioshock: Infinite lives up to the gameplay footage we have seen so far, then it is no wonder why Take-Two gives Levine so much freedom.