PlayStation 3 Shipping Like Hotcakes, Surpasses 50 Million

April 15, 2011Written by Cameron Teague

Sales of the PlayStation 3 have really picked up over the past few years, getting better and better it seems as each new year begins. Sony Computer Entertainment have announced that as of March 29th, the PlayStation 3 has shipped 50 million units worldwide (as of March 29th). Sony has also revealed that as of April 3rd, the PlayStation Move has surpassed 8 million units shipped.

These are great numbers for the PlayStation 3 and its motion controller, but the figures don’t just stop there. The PS3 now has more than 2,128 software titles with 480 million copies sold worldwide. The PlayStation Network boasts over 75 million registered users and calls 59 different countries and regions home. The PS Store plays host to 105,988 pieces of digital content, more than enough to satisfy any type of gamer.

These are all amazing numbers and should continue to go up in the years to come, but while shipped figures are indicative of high sales, we would much rather see some actual sales figures for consumers.