Duke’s Hazards; Aliens, Babes, & One Huge Ego

April 25, 2011Written by Tyler Minarik

Having a development time as long as Duke Nukem Forever’s could be hazardous to a franchise’s health, but a little thing like that isn’t keeping the Duke down. A new trailer shows us how he’ll retake his post as the ultimate alien killing babe magnet.

According to Duke, after 13 years it better be good, and we’re inclined to agree. However, even in the hands of developer Gearbox and their passionate leader, Randy Pitchford, Duke Nukem Forever has suffered yet another delay. Whatever the cause is of this, it seems Duke hasn’t suffered a bit, since his iconic brand of humor combined with over the top situations are clearly in the foray of a new trailer that’s just been released. Blood, aliens, school girl babes, big guns, and Duke’s enormous ego are all here, and it must have been hard to squeeze it all into one game. Be forewarned before watching though, this is definitely not safe for work.

It’s hard to push the bar any more in an industry with ultra violent games like God of War showing us just about all the maturity one gamer could handle, but Duke Nukem Forever looks like it’s managed to find some wiggle room to do just that. Hopefully it turns out the past 13 years have been worth the wait, and we won’t see any more delays before the advertised June release dates hit. After all this time, are you still excited to spend time playing as a cocky, self assured, gun toting hero all in the name of saving our babes from disgusting pig-like aliens?