Free Portal 2 DLC Aiming for Summer Release

After a brief flash of anti-PlayStation rhetoric, Valve has made amends with one of the most refreshing titles in recent history, Portal 2. It’s been the talk of the town for the past couple weeks, and reasonably so. To keep the spirit alive, plans for DLC were announced prior to release, and now all of the necessary details are in.

Valve has revealed that Portal 2 will be receiving downloadable content this summer. Titled DLC #1, indicating more future content, the package will include “new test chambers for players, leaderboards, challenge mode for single and multiplayer modes, and more”. Best of all, it’ll be available for free on all three platforms, so no worrying about your credit card information here, but hopefully the PSN will be available before it arrives.

If you haven’t played Portal 2 and are wondering what all the talk is about, check out our review and make an informed decision. You’ll be glad you did.