Press Conference Slide Explains How PSN Was Hacked

May 3, 2011Written by Staff

Yesterday morning, Sony hosted a press conference to address the current situation regarding the PlayStation Network outage. Sony’s Kaz Hirai bowed for a few seconds to display his apology to PSN users and gave good news regarding when PSN services are expected to be restored. During the conference, Sony also released an image relating to how the PSN was hacked.

The image below seemingly shows that the hacks happened because there was vulnerability in the application server which was accessed to obtain PSN user’s details.

Sony’s conference, meanwhile, stated that some services of the PlayStation Network will resume this week. Also, the company revealed a “Welcome Back” incentive that gives all PSN users a batch of free goodies including:

  • All existing PlayStation Network customers will be provided with 30 days free membership in the PlayStation Plus premium service.
  • Current members of PlayStation Plus will receive 30 days free service.
  • Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity subscribers (in countries where the service is available) will receive 30 days free service.

While the image is an oversimplification of the hack, it does at least shed some light on how thieves accessed the PlayStation Network and gained the personal data of 77 million, possibly even including credit cards.