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NGP’s Fresh UI Live Area Demonstrated

The successor to the PlayStation Portable, or Next Generation Portable (NGP) as Sony has labeled it, is the next big thing coming from Sony, and has gotten the hype wheel turning at a furious pace since its announcement. Aside from the beefy specs, dual-analog sticks, and the revolutionary new rear touch-screen, one of the most exciting new features is the user interface, which strays away from Sony’s proprietary XMB to a new look called the Live Area. A video showing off a live-demonstration of this new user interface has sprung to life.

Live Area brings you everything from game launching to trophy viewing right at your finger-tips, all in an easy-to-access menu. Another feature that stands out it is a new-style friends list and another new feature of the NGP called Near. See for yourself this new look below with the live demonstration.