GameStop Offers Added Incentive to Buy a PlayStation 3

May 10, 2011Written by Cameron Teague

It has been a rough ride the past few weeks for Sony and owners of the PlayStation 3 console. PlayStation has reverted to it’s original 1994 form, with none of the online features working. While the network will be up sometime soon, you can’t help but think this might be affecting sales of the platform. To help turn things around, and increase their membership, retail giant GameStop is offering a great deal on PlayStation 3’s.

An email went out today to Power-Up Rewards members outlining a new deal netting whoever takes advantage of it $100 off a brand-new PlayStation 3. The 160 and 320 GB versions of the PS3 slim are available for this special deal but it is a members-only exclusive promotion – sorry everyone else (unless you take the plunge and become a member).

According to this email the deal will be in effect through Sunday May 29th, so if you’re a member of GameStop’s Rewards Program and you don’t own a PS3 or would like to pick up a 2nd one, now is the best time to act.