Wet 2 Dries Itself Off; Appears to be Cancelled

May 17, 2011Written by Cameron Teague

When a sequel to Wet was announced late last year it left many of us scratching our heads wondering first why and secondly if they could make some solid improvements. According to the Linkedln profile of an ex-tech artist from the development team, we don’t need to be confused any more as developer Behaviour Interactive have cancelled Wet 2.

The online resume was spotted by Siliconera and points out that “around March and April 2011, some A2M/Behaviour Interactive employees who were working on Wet 2 left the company and made the move to nearby studios such as Eidos Montreal. Adding to this is another Linkedln profile for a game programmer who is still working at Behaviour Interactive but lists Wet 2 as a past project.

What do you think, was Wet 2 cancelled and if it was, are you disappointed or relieved? We felt Wet was a let down in too many key areas, however it had promise that it could have been improved with a sequel.  Hopefully this is just a rumor but stay with us to learn more.