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Insert Disc: What Are You Playing Now That PSN Is Back?

May 18, 2011Written by Anthony Severino

The PlayStation Network is finally back. Peace has been restored to earth. We can all get on with our lives and get back to online gaming. Despite the PSN making a return, the PlayStation Store is still down, so there’s no new downloadable games available, and considering the 3 weeks of downtime, we’re a little behind.

This makes it a perfect time for another episode of Insert Disc

After finally taking a loss and breaking my undefeated reign over the Mortal Kombat servers (what little time I was able to spend on them), I’ve decided to take some time off from all the fighting and do a little detective work. Like many users right now, I too am playing L.A. Noire. A little ironic too considering I waited three arduous weeks to play games online, and now, I’m back to playing a single-player game.

It works out, though. I’m still a little ticked about the PSN down time, and once I’ve risen through the ranks of the LAPD and learned the tricks of the sleuthing trade, I’ll use my new found skills to investigate the trail PSN hackers may have left behind. But unlike L.A. Noire‘s Cole Phelps, I shoot first, ask questions later. Except for this next question, since it’s directed at you, the readers. I’ll keep my itchy trigger finger at bay.

What games are you playing now that the PSN is back online? Did you pick up L.A. Noire? Or are you catching up on time lost on Black Ops. Maybe now that you’ve heard I’ve taken a short leave from Mortal Kombat, you’re finally confident enough to play online (heh). Whatever you’re playing, tell us in the comments below. Feel free to share your PSN IDs and hook up with other PSLS readers for some online multiplayer.

‘Insert Disc’ is a new community-focused feature where the PlayStation LifeStyle staff will talk in brief about what disc is currently spinning in their PS3. We encourage users to share their own current obsessions, addictions, habits, and fixes in the comments. What disc do you have inserted?