The Darkness II Combat is Mean and Gory

May 20, 2011Written by Tyler Minarik

The recently announced sequel to The Darkness is in development now, and a variety of improvements to combat are being made, which will put Jackie’s special arms to very good use.

When The Darkness released, it introduced players to Jackie Estacado, a hitman for the mafia who was about to have a disturbing power awaken within him, and a very, very bad day. Luckily Jackie’s new found powers allowed him to take revenge on his enemies by summoning imp creatures called darklings to do his bidding, as well as using two snake like dark tendrils to dispatch foes and sneak around tight spaces. Despite receiving generally positive reviews, the sequel’s development is in new hands, being developed by Digital Extremes instead of Starbreeze Studios. Despite being new to the helm of the franchise, the folks at Digital Extremes have some great ideas to improve the formula that made the original popular, and a new video shows off some of the abilities, as well as explains changes in the combat dynamic.




The newly found ability to use the Darkness at the same time as shooting your guns has been dubbed “quad wielding” by Digital Extremes, and the appropriately named talent looks like it will make combat a more fluid and visceral experience. Those execution moves look particularly satisfying, and the idea of being rewarded for using them brings hope that there will be plenty of variety to keep things fresh as the game progresses.

The Darkness II will take place two years after the end of the first game, with Jackie Estacado positioned as the head of the mob. Mike Patton will make a return as the voice of the Darkness, and Nolan North is taking over the voice work for Jackie (what voice doesn’t he do?!). The Darkness II is currently slated for release later this year, on October 4th in North America, and on October 7th in the UK.