Duracell’s Extender is Everything You Loved About Your Old PS3

May 31, 2011Written by Steven Garcia

If you’re anything like us, you were bummed when Sony slimmed down the gorgeous PlayStation 3, removing two USB ports and support for your various types of memory cards in the process. Like us, you’ve also probably gotten over it by now, but if you haven’t –which Duracell is clearly banking on here-, there’s a new accessory on the market hoping to fill the void.

The cleverly named Duracell Extender takes advantage of the empty space to the right of your PS3 by extending it’s body, making room for three additional USB ports, both an SD and memory stick card slot, and a place to store two controllers. The only thing it won’t do is provide full backwards compatibility. If that’s not a deal breaker, you should be pretty excited to know that you can pick one of these bad boys up right now for about $80.