Split/Second Devs Found New Studio

Last time we reported on Split/Second developer Black Rock Studios, things were looking very grim as employee’s were being laid off and sequels were getting the axe. Fast forward a few weeks to today and we now have word that ex-employees from the Disney owned studio have created their own gaming studio named Roundcube Entertainment.

According to a report on the UK website GamesIndustry, the studio is headed by Split/Second game director Nick Baynes. Former Black Rock senior producer Ian Monaghan is the new studio’s development director. Black Rock was hit with massive layoffs earlier this month as the group went from approximately 140 employees to around 30 as Disney has shifted its focus to social gaming.

It is always great to see new development studios being created, though we hate to see it at the expense of so many jobs, but hopefully many of the people who lost work in the layoffs will find a home at the new studio.