Devil’s Third to Unload Lead Storm at TGS

With all the other big titles coming up this year, it might have dropped off your radar, but Devil’s Third will apparently give us reason to keep an eye on it once more at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

Even though E3 is kicking off today, it’s still not too early to think about one of the other big gaming conventions of the year, the Tokyo Game Show. Tomonobu Itagaki, who’s famous for creating the Dead or Alive series, as well as his work on the 3D titles in the Ninja Gaiden series, has more of his newest game in store for us. If you’ve seen the previous trailer, or heard other news about the game, then you already know it’s an over the top third person shooter, full of crazy intense action that’s seemingly non stop. Following suit with that theme, the announcement trailer of Devil’s Third‘s appearance at TGS this year is completely zany, with perhaps one of the craziest THQ representatives ever seen.

Where do you even go to get glasses like that?! If that didn’t get your attention, I’m not sure what will. Devil’s Third is still slated for 2012, which at the moment looks good, since it’ll give the game a little breathing room from the stellar 2011 line up ahead of us. Itagaki-san has seen a lot of success with the Ninja Gaiden series, bringing us tight controls, intense and brutal action, and a steep rewarding challenge. Hopefully that translates well into his new IP, and we’ll be keeping out eyes out for more details until TGS kicks off in September.