There’s Enough Room in Town for Both inFamous and Prototype Says Radical

You may remember that about two years ago, when inFamous and Prototype released, drama ensued. It isn’t often that a quality superhero title comes out, let alone two within such a short span of time. Debates across the internet appeared as seemingly everyone voiced which they thought was the better game. But that doesn’t mean the developers look at it the same way.

The design director over at Radical Entertainment, Matt Armstrong, was asked about what he thought regarding the inFamous vs Prototype debates. He replied:

The first InFamous was really cool and the second one seems to be shaping up really well, but we offer something completely different and there’s space in the market for both games.

As Armstrong inferred, both might be classified under the same genre, but their gameplay, visual style, game speed, and overall delivery stray completely away from one another. One thing they do share is that sequels were warranted for each, and inFamous 2 will release this week while Prototype 2 comes out next year. Thank goodness, but you can bet your wallet comparisons will rain in once both are on store shelves.