Dust 514 for PS3 to Be Free-to-Play Online

Dust 514 is the upcoming PS3 exclusive massively multiplayer first-person title developed by CCP Games, famous for their PC MMO, Eve Online. Announced at the Sony E3 2011 Press Conference, not much was revealed revolving around the release of the universe besides the fall beta and spring release. However, a representative of CCP Games let loose some information about the game’s pricing.

According to the community manager of Dust 514, James Egan, there will be no monthly fee for the up-and-coming PS3 MMO that will also be compatible with the PlayStation Vista. Instead, the income for the game will come from a micro-transaction system similar to Free Realms and even LittleBigPlanet. In a comment on the PlayStation Blog, the community manager states:

DUST 514 won’t have a monthly subscription like a number of MMOs. DUST 514 will have virtual goods sales though, that allow you to buy various types of gear used in combat.

While the game has only just been officially unveiled yesterday, the MMO is already looking to be one of the best online MMO’s available on consoles in terms of features, functionality, and integration.

Are you excited for Dust 514?