John Carmack Wants to Rage Again

Rage received a lot of attention at last year’s E3. Members of the press were treated to a lengthy demo showing off the large, expansive environments, combat with mutants, and driving sequences. This year, id Software focused on fighting with humans and close quarters combat. But with the first game not even out, id Software is already talking about a sequel.

While speaking with Gamespot, John Carmack of id Software confirmed that a Rage 2 is being planned. To quote Carmack directly:

We haven’t got a formal, official announcement, but we’re certainly headed in that direction.

Carmack then went on to say as soon as Rage goes gold, the id’s core engineering team will switch to working on Doom 4. Once Doom 4 hits store shelves, then the team will start working on Rage 2, so don’t expect Rage 2 anytime soon. When Carmack was asked if Rage 2 might be released during the next generation of consoles, he replied,

I am working on next-generation engine technology and what we’ll be doing with graphics when we start really rethinking it. It’s likely that the project after Doom 4, the next major one, will be designed around being cross-generational.

So, if we end up seeing Rage 2 this console generation it will be at the very tail end. Regardless, the fact that Rage 2 is being planned is great news for their confidence in the franchise.