New Dark Souls Gameplay

Demon’s Souls was a brutal game. A player could spend an hour slowly working their way through a level, only to have their character burned to a crisp by a dragon. In Dark Souls, players will not only have to watch out for dragons, but pigs as well.

This new gameplay footage isn’t very long, but it shows some great footage of the player fighting a giant armored boar. The video also reveals how similar this game is to Demon’s Souls. Dark Souls will have slots for right-handed and left-handed weapons, and players will be able to wield weapons with two hands. The player will also have a health and stamina bar. The stamina bar is needed for blocking, and is depleted every time the character rolls, gets hit, swings his weapon, or sprints. It also looks like the health herbs have been switched out for health potions. It is hard to tell, but it seems like drinking a potion takes the same amount of time as eating a herb in Demon’s Souls. Check out the trailer below for all the demonic action.