Get Lost In New Journey Screens

Thatgamecompany is one of the more unique video game developers. Their previous titles, Flow and Flower, were more like musical experiences than actual games. Thatgamecompany’s upcoming title, Journey, is going to be a much more emotional title. Get in touch with your feelings after the jump.

Journey gives no instructions to the player, they are tossed into the middle of a vast desert with only a strange mountain in the distance. The goal of the game is to reach the mountain. Along the way, you can run into other players who are trying to reach the mountain, as well. You will only be able to see one other player at a time. Voice and text chat will not be supported and players will not be identified with gamertags, so the only way two people can communicate is with a shout. Much like Demon’s Souls, the emphasis is that two strangers are helping each other out in a vast world. As game director, Jenova Chen, has described it, “It’s about two strangers who meet online. They don’t know who they are or how old they are. All they know is, that is another human being.”

Journey doesn’t have a solid release date yet, but it is planned to release sometime later this year.