Sony Knows Cross Game Chat is a ‘Huge Thing’

No, Sony is not talking about PlayStation LifeStyle’s podcast, “Cross Game Chat.” Andrew House of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is talking about cross game chat for the PS3.

At E3, CVG asked House when cross game chat would make it to the PS3, but he couldn’t say. However, House did continue:

No, [there are] really not any new announcements to put on that. We know that it’s a huge thing out there. We have continued to do much R&D in the area, but we don’t have anything to announce right now.

It’s great to hear that Sony has put “much” R&D into cross game chat. Hopefully, cross game chat will eventually make it to the PS3 if Sony really has put a lot of resources into it. Also, it seems like House knows how much gamers want cross game chat implemented.

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