Prey 2 – E3 Impressions

Back in 2006, Human Head Studios and 2K Games released the first Prey title. The game had been in development for quite some time, and many people were waiting anxiously for the title. It was announced earlier this year that there will be a sequel, and this time around the game will once again be developed by Human Head Studios, but published by Bethesda Softworks.

In Prey 2 you take on the role of a bounty hunter named Killian Samuels. It is your job to track down assigned bounties in the world of Exodus. You are presented with a wide array of weapons to track down your bounty. For example, if you find yourself in a tight situation you can place up shields to protect yourself from enemies fire. Other things in the wide selection of weapons include things like anti-gravity grenades. These cause your enemy to float up into the air making them easy targets for the player.

The reason for so many differing weapons is probably because of the many different kinds of enemies you will most likely encounter along the way. There were many kinds of enemies seen in the demo that we saw, probably the most impressive being the gigantic one that came charging in at the end of the demo. Each weapon offers a different interesting attack, so be sure to find which works best for you – one of my favorites was the shoulder mounted rockets.

There is an element of choice though, seeing as how you can double cross your client by taking bribes. Also upon capturing your bounty you can gain access to new information by interrogating the bounty before sending them to your client, if you chose not to double cross them. There was a fair warning not to interrogate the target to much in the game, because it could eventually kill them. Also while it isn’t necessary, this information can lead to new missions and other things within the game.

Graphically the game is impressive. The world of Exodus has a very dark look to it, and allows for great exploration considering the open world genre it falls into. Even during the close ups in the conversations, the graphics looked great. Speaking of conversation, there are lots of choices to choose from. Should you want to threaten, negotiate, or just agree, the choices are there for you when conversing with people.

Probably the greatest aspect of the game that we saw was the style of traversing the levels. During the demo, the player was chasing down a bounty who had the ability to teleport across different things. The main character does not have this ability though, so he must run quickly while making the proper decisions on the fly. The movements reminded me a lot of how Mirror’s Edge was when it was released. Tie in the massive arsenal, and a huge open world and we may have ourselves a winner when this game releases sometime in 2012.