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Sony Releases Qriocity App on Android Market, Offers 180 Days Free

Even though this isn’t exactly PlayStation news, it is certainly news that is beneficial to anyone that uses PlayStation Network’s sister service, Qriocity, which is also available on the PS3 and PSP (and eventually the PS Vita). If you are one of the many that subscribe to Qriocity (or maybe you’re trying it for free thanks to the Welcome Back package?), you’ll be happy to know that Sony has released a Qriocity Android app on the Android Market.

Why Android and not iOS? Sony likely focused on Android first, seeing as though the Xperia PLAY, and Sony’s upcoming S1 and S2 PlayStation-certified tablets will use Android as an operating system. Having Qriocity available on these Android powered mobile platforms is a smart move, as it makes subscribing to the service on your PS3 or Bravia HDTV that much more valuable.

Sony has also announced a special offer for PS3 owners. As long as you’re not currently a subscriber and haven’t already used up your initial free-trial of the premium or basic Qriocity model, you can opt for a 180-day free trial.

Qriocity is Sony’s cloud-based music streaming service found on a number of Sony products, including the PS3, PSP and will be available on PS Vita when it releases. Billed as an iTunes competitor, Apple may also be reluctant to approve the release of a Qriocity iOS app.

Any Qriocity users out there? What do you think of this news?