Sony Shows Ambition, Aims Beyond 10-Year PS3 Lifecycle

The PlayStation 3 has been a major point of controversy since its release nearly five years ago, mostly due to its questionable price point. One fact remains: the PS3 isn’t what it used to be. Not only is it extremely affordable now, especially for the hardware, but the library is reminiscent of the PS2’s glory days. When Sony said the PS3 would last a decade, many people raised an eyebrow, but now that statement is looking like a reality.

President of SCEE, Andrew House, recently shared his enthusiasm for the PlayStation 3’s progress over the years, and had this to say regarding its future:

I’ve always said ten-plus years and the only question mark is how long the ‘plus’ is, ten years I think is the minimum.

Based on House’s comment, it looks like Sony is going beyond the original plan of a 10-year lifecycle, and instead want to exceed that impressive milestone similar to the PS1 and PS2. This is great news for customers, and shows how dedicated Sony is to providing long-term support.

Nintendo jumped the gun and just revealed a new console, so the next generation will begin as soon as next year. Many are anticipating Sony and Microsoft to follow suit at next year’s E3, meaning the possibility of a PlayStation 4 in 2013. With that said, the PlayStation Move just released last year, and the current platform has been able to muster competitive visuals. These qualities along with several upcoming blockbusters leads many to believe that the PS3 will be around for a while longer, following confidently in the footsteps of its ancestors.

Do you think the PlayStation 3 will survive another five years? Share your thoughts in the comments below.