PS Vita Video Shows Social Experience

The PlayStation Vita is, without a doubt, pushing the boundaries of the portable gaming realm more so than any of its casual and core competition. From social gaming connectivity to bleeding-edge hardware, the PS Vita is clearly the way to go for those that are interesting in portable gaming and, slowly but surely, the Sony is getting the word out to the consumers.

The social features of the PS Vita were teased at the 2011 PlayStation Meeting several months before E3 and, when the North American video game trade show came around, a few more details were dropped. Thankfully, for those who have not been able to follow the course of the PS Vita leading into its release, a trailer has been released to showcase the social features of the upcoming handheld, including Near, push notifications, voice chat, and, of course, online gaming. Check out the video below.

While social gaming doesn’t appeal to everyone, it is great to see that Sony is focusing on multiple markets. With the attractive price point of the device, there is not much stopping a wide variety of gamers from adopting the device. Are you excited about the social features of the PS Vita? If so tell us in the comments section below along with what else you’re most excited for about the handheld.