Sucker Punch Hiring for New PS3 Title

Sucker Punch Productions, the former developers of the Sly Cooper series, released their latest title, inFamous 2, in the middle of E3 2011. While the title is looking to be a critical success in terms of reception, the Bellevue, Washington-based studio appears to be hard at work in preparations for their next project. 

According to a job listing by Sucker Punch, the inFamous developers are in need of a senior producer for their next project which those who have completed inFamous 2 will know, may or may not be inFamous 3. With Sucker Punch being a 2nd party independent studio, they could follow Insomniac’s lead and create a multiplatform title, but with the job listing specifically listing only the PlayStation 3 platform, PlayStation owners can rest easy. Regardless of what the title is set to be, the potential producer on the title will need to come experienced with at least five years in the game development industry having released an AAA title and “a passion for console games”. Along with a senior producer, the studio is also still in need of an art director, lead sound designer, and a senior game designer.

Avoiding any spoilers, what do you think is coming from Sucker Punch Productions – a new property or a new outing to their current franchise? Tell us in the comments section below.