Black Death Announced by Darkworks

Development of I Am Alive may have been passed onto Ubisoft Shanghai, but developer Darkworks had proven they haven’t kicked the bucket yet, with the announcement of Black Death.

Darkworks is primarily known for their work on Alone In The Dark: The New Nightmare, and I Am Alive, but it seems they’ve moved onto a new project. Little is known yet about the survival horror first person shooter called Black Death, but it involves fog and monsters. More specifically, fog that turns people into mutants with special powers, and players will create their own weapons to fight off the impending doom. They will be presented with the choice of saving or killing their fellow humans, while fighting to not only survive the deadly fog, but some how control it. A small teaser video and a few screen shots have been released, but they shed little light on our subject.



The video game market is clearly flooded with first person shooters, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for creativity. It’s been a long time since Darkworks has released a game, so hopefully that’s been spent focusing on developing something unique that stands out from the pack. No release date has been set for Black Death, but it is planned to arrive on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. For now, our only clue about its arrival is a screen shot saying “… ETA [Soon].” If you’re still curious, feel free to dig for more info on Black Death‘s website. As always, PlayStation LifeStyle will keep you posted when we find out more about Black Death and other upcoming PlayStation games.