Namco: Tales of Vesperia Was Never Under Exclusive Contract

Fans of the Tales series were angered recently when Namco Europe Junior Community Manager, Charlotte Toci, revealed via Facebook that Tales of Vesperia would not release on the PlayStation 3 in North America because of an exclusive contract with Microsoft.  This appears to be false information as she has retracted her statement and apologized to fans for “sharing false information to fans.

On her Facebook she has written a lengthy note apologizing for the confusion she has caused.

A few months ago I replied to a fan who asked me why Tales of Vesperia wasn’t localized in Europe on my Facebook page. I replied that it was because of a Microsoft exclusivity, thinking that that was the reason why, even though I didn’t have any official information on that.

I was wrong to do so, and sadly my reply was relayed on many websites, thus sharing a false information to fans around the web.

I would like to send my sincere apologies to all the Tales Series fans I have wrongly informed, and Microsoft & Namco Bandai for any damage that might have been caused with this.

So there you have it people, the fight of Tales of Vesperia on the PS3 out West lives another day.