Another Black Ops DLC Pack Might be Readying for Invasion

Chalk this up as a vague possibility at the moment, but we found a clue that indicates Black Ops isn’t finished yet, and we may see yet another map pack for the immensely popular game before Modern Warfare 3 releases later this year.

Thanks to Microsoft, everyone on the PlayStation 3 is still waiting to see the third map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops, entitled Annihilation. However, the map pack is complete and ready to go out, seeing as how Xbox users are already playing the new maps right now. Thus, it would make sense for Treyarch to continue work on either more DLC, or a new game, and a recent interview may indicate which it is.

While talking with Digital Spy, design director David Vonderhaar was asked if they would stop at three map packs, to which he replied:

I can’t talk to anything beyond ‘Annihilation’, but keep your eyes peeled…

It’s a vague response, but the implications seem rather obvious. It may not be another map pack, but considering the trend for Call of Duty games, it seems quite likely. We’re still waiting on word about when Annihilation will hit the PSN, but trends point to July. Until then, let us know if you’re planning on picking up Annihilation, and whether or not you’d still be interested in even more Black Ops content afterward. It certainly seems like there won’t be any shortage of it, which should hold people over until Modern Warfare 3 hits shelves this November.