Andrew House Talks Up the PS3’s “10+ Year” Lifecycle

Andrew House  is due to become the next President and Group CEO at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe on September 1st. Having been with SCE for around two years, House has been entrenched in the world of PlayStation for a while now. He had the chance to field some questions regarding the future of the PlayStation brand and specifically the much-vaunted claimed 10 year lifecycle of the PlayStation 3.

Speaking with CVG, House stated that he considers the current era to be an early period in the PS3’s lifecycle:

You’ve seen new interfaces, like PlayStation Move, not even on the market for a year, nearly nine million of those sold…We’ve only really just begun to explore what the potential is for 3D…

After skilfully deflecting a question regarding the Xbox 360 being strained with its DVD drive, House then went on to speak of the PS3’s forward-thinking hardware and how that is going to help extend its lifecycle to “10+ years:”

We launched a device that was very, very powerful, that had a whole range of possibilities. And that’s at the very least a ten-year lifecycle.

House also uses the PlayStation 2 as a prime example of what he means, boasting about how the console is still selling units over 11 years after its debut. So while there is no mention of a successor console to the PlayStation 3, it sounds like Sony is holding off on that for at least the next few years.