PlayStation Store Returning to Japan on July 6 [Update]

It’s been a long time coming. At long last, the final region in the Sony fold experience disruption is making its triumphant return.

[Update] We’re hearing reports that the PlayStation Store is back online in Japan. Let us know in the comments if it’s back for you.

[Original] Many have wondered when the PlayStation Store would be restored in Japan. Given rumored logistical issues with Government, and a subsequent long silence with no real ETA,  it was truly anybody’s guess when the services in the last to be offline collocation would go live. Well, wonder no longer. Sony announced that on July 6, PSN services would be returned to full production status.

The restoration includes not just the PlayStation Store itself, but Sony’s Qrocity as well. The full return of the PSN in Japan now places all regions in an active status.The interruption of the PSN due to the infamous hack is now a thing of the past.

Japanese PSN account owners will soon get an opportunity to claim items promised in their “Welcome Back” package as well as spend sometime with Sonic Generations before its demo expires in a few short days.