Arkham City To Get More Lively

Batman: Arkham City is going to be a larger game than its predecessor in terms of gameplay and number of characters. Instead of playing only as Batman, gamers will jump into the tight leather pants of Catwoman – figuratively speaking – as she seeks revenge against Two Face. Rocksteady announced last month that Robin will be playable as part of a pre-order or DLC bonus. It seems that there will be even more characters in Arkham City.

While speaking with OXM, marketing manager Dax Ginn revealed that there would be more villains announced for Arkham City. OXM asked Ginn if there would be any more Batman rogues (villains) to show up in Arkham City, and he replied:

We’ve made announcements about Robin being a retail exclusive, a timed exclusive. We’ve got more announcements coming.

The Penguin, Two Face, and many others have already been confirmed for Arkham City, and even the Riddler will make a physical appearance. These announcements might be made at Comic Con, which will start on Thursday, July 21st.

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