Mortal Kombat – Trophy Guide

Mortal Kombat was released to great response from media and community alike. With trophies, the game will net you plenty of hours trying to get that elusive platinum trophy. Community Member DKR25 has heeded our call and posted this trophy guide for all of you in search of the Mortal Kombat Fatality. Read on below to find out how to get every trophy in the game.

A For Effort (Bronze)Complete Tutorial Mode

Complete the Tutorial Mode in the game.

Arcade Champion (Silver)Complete Arcade Ladder with All Fighters

Fairly self-explanatory, just beat the ladder with every fighter.

Back In Time… (Silver)Complete Story Mode 100%

The only fights that are universally difficult from what players have said are the fights against Shao Kahn. The first when you must use Liu Kang, and the second using Raiden. For the first fight, stay back and use Liu Kang’s Low Fireball attack. Do not get close unless he is taunting (he will put his hands on his hips and laugh or point at you yelling something like “You suck!” or “You are pathetic!”). When he throws his hammer, at close range you CAN duck under it, but at a distance it will arc and fall to the point where you cannot crouch under it. You can always jump over them with timing though. His spears can be blocked, but the block-stun from them will give you little time to react if he throws a hammer to follow up. His X-RAY attack is a close range hammer slam that will deal 50+% damage (around 53%). For Raiden’s fight, use his Spark Kicks (X,X,O) to Electric Fly (L,R,X) combo as your bread and butter for dealing damage. If you are able to execute higher damage combos, go for them when it’s safe. Just as before, stay back and wait for a taunt, but with Raiden his Teleport (Up,Down) can be used to get in and attack when he throws a hammer. This is not entirely safe as teleporting too early will have Shao Kahn counter whatever attack you had planned with a shoulder charge during the vulnerability period of the teleport. Do not try to zone him out with Lightning Balls as his projectiles are much faster and will deal way more damage than yours. A crucial aspect to both fights and Raiden’s especially is to not get trapped in the corner or trap yourself. Keep Shao Kahn at a fullscreen distance where you have as much time to react to crouching under his spears and jumping over the hammers.

Best…Alternate…Ever! (Bronze)Unlock Mileena’s 3rd Alternate Costume

To unlock this costume, you must complete Challenge 300 of the Challenge Tower. You do not need to complete all 300 challenges. You can even get up to 300 and skip #300 to unlock the costume.

Block This! (Bronze)Perform a 10-hit combo with any fighter

Some X-RAY attack like Sonya’s will be a 10 hit combo in their own, but this should not be too hard to achieve.

Brotherhood of Shadow (Bronze)Discover and fight Hidden Kombatant 4 in Arcade Ladder

Play Arcade Ladder mode until you fight on the Temple stage. Normally there would be a priest or sorcerer in the background, but if you are lucky enough you will see the Wraith (shadow) of Noob Saibot standing there instead. If he is not there, go to Player Select from the Pause menu and try again. You will not need to redo all the fights as Player Select will only restart you from whichever fight you left off from. Do this until you see the Wraith. Now you must win the match without blocking (R2). Once you do this, the background will go black and and a message will show up saying “You have discovered a secret battle! PREPARE TO FIGHT!”. After going past the message Noob Saibot’s Wraith will show up and you will fight. The trophy is only to unlock the battle so you do not need to beat him, but doing so will result in a large sum of koins for yourself.

Cold Fusion (Bronze)Unlock Hidden Fighter “Cyber Sub-Zero”

Defeat Cyber Sub-Zero in Chapter 13 of Story mode.

Complet-ality (Bronze)Perform 1 of each type of “-ality”

Do at least one fatality and 1 babality.

Cyber Challenger (Bronze)Complete 100 Online Matches

Go online and complete 100 matches.

Dim Mak! (Bronze)Complete all Test Your Strike mini-game challenges

Beat all six of the Test Your Strike mini-games.

Don’t Jump! (Bronze)Win A Ranked Online Match without jumping

Play an online match and come out victorious without jumping.

e-X-cellent! (Bronze)Successfully land every playable fighter’s X-Ray

Perform an X-Ray move for all 28 fighters.

Fatality! (Bronze)Perform a Fatality!

You know what to do here.

Finish Him? (Bronze)Perform any fighter’s hidden finishing move

Going into the Krypt or looking at the list of Fatalities, entering the second Fatality command in the Fatality trainer or in a match regardless of where you unlocked it or not will earn this trophy.

Finish What You Start! (Silver)Perform a Fatality with all playable fighters


Halfway There! (Bronze)Complete Story Mode 50%

Move half-way through the Story Mode.

Hide and Seek (Bronze)Discover and fight Hidden Kombatant 2 in Arcade Ladder

Play Arcade Ladder mode until you reach the Living Forest stage. Bring the fight to the far right of the stage and look to the side of the trees for Klassic Smoke leaning over looking at the fight. If he is not there for the first 10-15 seconds, go to Player Select from the Pause menu and try again. Once you do see him hold down and press Select (Back on X360). If done correctly, your current opponent should instantly die and trigger the hidden battle. The trophy is only for activating the fight so you don’t need to beat him, but doing so will result in a large sum of koins. Despite it being Smoke, he will use Scorpion’s Spear attack as in the original MK games, there was a glitch where Scorpion would turn grey.

Humiliation (Bronze)Get a Flawless Victory in an Online Match

Head online and completely destroy someone, taking no damage.

I ‘Might’ Be the Strongest (Bronze)Complete all Test Your Might mini-game challenges

Complete ever Test Your Might mini-game.

I’m Not Dead Yet! (Silver)Comeback with under 10% health in an Online Ranked Match

In an online match, defeat your opponent with less than 10% health.

Ladder Master (Bronze)Complete Arcade Ladder on max difficulty without using a continue

The only real strategy would be to use a character you are best with or who is very easy (such as Smoke or Kung Lao) and just lame out the fights if you find some difficulty. For Shang Tsung, get in his face and pressure him. Make sure you aren’t reckless and give him a Soul Steal as it is essentially a double damage boost for him being a mini-boss and the regular boost off of Soul Steal. For Goro and Shao Kahn, try to stay back until they taunt. Despite the weak damage your attacks have against them, save your X-RAYs for when they taunt unless you’re sure you can land them in a combo where the damage won’t be scaled down too much.

License to Kill (Bronze)Complete Fatality Trainer

Select the Fatalities Training menu option and perform a single fatality.

Luck Be A Lady (Bronze)Get all MK Dragons in Test Your Luck

There are a few strategies for this, but there haven’t been any complaints of them being wrong and they have both worked for me despite only being able to work once (tested on different profiles). The first is to:

  • Start Test Your Luck on the hardest difficulty
  • Spin the reels
  • Quickly check as they’re spinning to see if they all have a MK Dragon in them. If not, restart.
  • When the MK Dragon is in the center, press (Square)


  • Start Test Your Luck on the hardest difficulty
  • Spin the reels
  • Quickly check as they’re spinning to see if they all have a MK Dragon in them. If not, restart.
  • If they all do, press (Square) seven (7) times before the first reel stops, (Triangle) seven times for the second reel before it stops (but when it is rolling), and (O) seven times when rolling, but before it stops. This technique will only work once.

My Kung Fu Is Strong (Silver)Gain Mastery of 1 Fighter

To master a fighter, you need 100 wins, 100 -alities, 150 X-Ray moves, 10,000 liters of blood, and 24 net hours of play.

My Kung Fu Is Stronger (Gold)Gain Mastery of All Fighters

Do what you did for the above trophy, but now do it for all 28 fighters.

Outstanding! (Silver)Win 10 Ranked Online Matches in a row

Get on a hot streak and win 10 ranked online matches in a row.

Pit Master (Bronze)Discover and fight Hidden Kombatant 3 in Arcade Ladder

Play Arcade Ladder mode until you fight on The Pit (Night) stage. Wait until you spot a witch or Santa Claus flying past the moon. Now you must get TWO Flawless Victories and perform a Stage Fatality. After the fade from the Stage Fatality, you will be at the bottom of The Pit with a black background and fight a Klassic Reptile with Sub-Zero’s Ice Ball and Scorpion’s Spear attacks. You do not need to win the fight for the trophy, but doing so will grant you a large sum of koins.

Quan-Tease (Bronze)Unlock Hidden Fighter “Quan Chi”

Complete Story Mode.

Robots Rule! (Bronze)Win Arcade Tag Ladder with robot Sektor and Cyrax

Fairly Self-Explanatory

Tag, You’re It! (Bronze)Perform and land a Tag Combo

Fairly Self-Explanatory

The Competitor (Silver)Complete 200 Versus matches (online OR offline)

Go into Versus and start fighting

The Grappler (Bronze)Perform every fighter’s forward and backwards throws

As the trophy says, get every fighter and perform their throws.

The Krypt Keeper (Silver)Unlock 100% of the Krypt

Unlock everything inside of the Krypt.

There Can Be Only One! (Silver)Win 10 king of the hill Matches in a row

Start up King of the Hill and win 10 in a row.

There Will Be Blood! (Silver)Spill 10000 pints of blood

You are most likely to earn this while playing the game’s Story mode. Online fights and local Versus fights add to the blood count.

These Aren’t My Glasses! (Bronze)Complete all Test Your Sight mini-game challenges

Complete every Test Your Sight mini-game.

Throws Are For Champs (Bronze)Perform 8 throws in an Online Ranked Match

Head online and land eight throws in a single match.

Tough Guy! (Bronze)Win an Online Match

Win a single online match.

Tower Apprentice (Bronze)Complete 25 Tower missions

Finish 25 tower missions.

Tower Master (Silver)Complete all Tower missions

Complete every tower mission.

Turtle! (Silver)Win both rounds with timer running out in an Online Ranked Match

Head online and win both rounds of a fight with the fights timer at zero.

Ultimate Humiliation (Silver)Perform every fighter’s hidden finishing move

You must do every fighter’s Fatality, Stage Fatality, and Babality. Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Reptile’s Klassic Fatalities do not count for this, and neither do the DLC characters.

Ultimate Respect! (Bronze)Earn 2500 Respect Points via king of the hill Matches

Win matches in King of the Hill to earn Respect Points.

Undertaker (Bronze)Unlock 50% of the Krypt

Unlock half of the Krypt.

Wavenet… (Silver)Win 100 total Online Matches

Win 100 matches online.

What Does This Button Do?? (Bronze)Complete Arcade Ladder without blocking (allowed to continue)

Win the ladder without blocking an attack.

Where’s The Arcade? (Bronze)Complete Arcade Ladder with Any Fighter

Pick a fighter and complete the arcade ladder.

You Found Me! (Bronze)Discover and fight Hidden Kombatant 1 in Arcade Ladder

Play Arcade Ladder mode without losing a ROUND, which means you must never let your health bar go to the end, and get to Shang Tsung’s fight (the 8th fight). The hardest part (even on Beginner) is to beat him with a Double Flawless Victory. You cannot block ANY attacks as you take chip damage, therefore not being flawless. The final requirement is to not lose a round, meaning you can’t quit to Character Select as that counts as a loss. The only time you can is after you win and are on the “Finish Him!” portion of the fight since you’ve already been declared the winner. If you do not get the Double Flawless, finish the fight and win, then quit to Character Select to retry without losing a round. The best strategy for fighting is to jump in with a punch and follow up with an uppercut. On Beginner, the enemy AI isn’t too smart but if Shang Tsung transforms during the uppercut, the uppercut won’t him, leaving you vulnerable. After all this, perform a Fatality and continue to the secret battle with Klassic Jade in Goro’s Lair. Jade will be able to use Kitana’s fans in this fight as well. The trophy is given for unlocking the fight, not for beating Jade, but doing so will give you plenty of koins.

You Will Learn Respect! (Bronze)Earn 1000 Respect Points via king of the hill Matches

Head into King of the Hill and earn 1000 respect points.

You’ve Got Style! (Silver)Unlock all Alternate Costumes

To unlock each character’s Alternate Costume, you must either unlock them from the Krypt or beat Arcade Ladder mode with them. If you are doing Tag Ladder, they must be the one to land the final blow on Shao Kahn.

Here are the Krypt locations:

Blood Marsh

BM5 – Noob Saibot’s Alternate Costume

BM19 – Sindel’s Alternate Costume

BM38 – Kung Lao’s Alternate Costume

BM50 – Jade’s Alternate Costume

BM68 – Ermac’s Alternate Costume

BM82 – Smoke’s Alternate Costume

Dead Lands

DL7 – Reptile’s Alternate Costume

DL15 – Johnny Cage’s Alternate Costume

DL28 – Sheeva’s Alternate Costume

DL40 – Baraka’s Alternate Costume

DL47 – Sektor’s Alternate Costume

DL56 – Stryker’s Alternate Costume

DL63 – Quan Chi’s Alternate Costume

DL69 – Kitana’s Alternate Costume

DL88 – Kabal’s Alternate Costume

DL101 – Shang Tsung’s Alternate Costume

DL110 – Nightwolf’s Alternate Costume

DL119 – Scorpion’s Alternate Costume

Hollow of Infestation

HI8 – Liu Kang’s Alternate Costume

HI22 – Sonya Blade’s Alternate Costume

HI33 – Mileena’s Alternate Costume

Meadow of Despair

MD6 – Cyrax’s Alternate Costume

MD14 – Raiden’s Alternate Costume

MD25 – Kano’s Alternate Costume

MD36 – Jax’s Alternate Costume

MD54 – Sub-Zero’s Alternate Costume