Phantoms Stalk New Dark Souls Screens

Dark Souls is bringing back the phantoms that made Demon’s Souls‘ multiplayer component so unique, and some of them can be seen in this new slew of screen shots that From Software has sent our way.

If you had any doubt about how much of a spiritual successor Dark Souls would really be to Demon’s Souls, you can lay them to rest as it is quite evident in these screens. White, Red, and Blue colored phantoms are abound in the following shots of the game, as well as some rather horrific and enormous enemies to boot. It also appears that not all of the monstrosities found in Dark Souls will be out to kill us, as it can be clearly seen in one shot that a player character approaching a giant with shield and sword lowered. Perhaps the giant is not a threat for a moment, and may forge us weapons with his enormous hammer, rather than smashing our head in with it.

We already knew that Dark Souls is looking good from the hands on time we had at E3, but pictures always speak louder than words. We’re also sure that the foes seen here are just as formidable as they look, so expect a true challenge when Dark Souls releases on October 4th in North America, October 7th in PAL regions, and on September 15th in Japan. Will you be ready to fights off the waves of demons waiting to spill your blood?