New PS3 Model Requires HDMI for Full-HD Blu-ray Playback

Yesterday a report from a GameStop employee surfaced that said that the new PS3 model would require a HDMI cable to play HD games on your HDTV, leaving users who connect their PS3s via component cable, shit out of luck HD. Today, Sony has shed some light on the situation, and it’s not quite as scary as it at first seemed (thanks again, GameStop!).

The new CECH-3000 PS3 model, which looks to be shipping to retailers this week, will require an HDMI connection to play Blu-ray discs in full-HD. This is in compliance with AACS (Advanced Access Content System) standards, which say that Blu-ray can only be played via HDMI and DVI, both of which support HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Copyright Protection).

However, the component cables can still be used to play games in HD on this new system, contrary to what the GameStop report stated. It doesn’t at all surprise me that GameStop was spreading mis-information.

It’s not just the PS3 that is going with these new AACS standards. All Blu-ray players sold at retail after 2014 will require HDCP through HDMI or DVI (more than likely HDMI; DVI is outdated) to play Blu-ray discs in full-HD. Sony is merely upgrading the PS3 to comply earlier than others.

On top of this new compliance, the new PS3 model features minor aesthetic changes, like missing LED lights, and less power consumption. It should be shipping to retailers starting this week or when current PS3 stock is depleted.