“Fantastic” PSOne Import Coming Next Week

Do you remember those days when gaming was simpler, and reality TV didn’t exist yet? Well, one of those two great aspects of the past is making its way back to us, and it’s not the obliteration of reality TV.

While clearing the cable channels of those pesky reality shows sounds great to me, perhaps MonkeyPaw Games is taking on a more noble crusade by bringing back the retro games we used to love, so we can remember those days in peace and harmony. They’ve already brought us a number of nostalgic titles, but are hard at work on another, and are leaving clues via twitter about what it is.

The announcement started with a tweet stating “We plan to release another fantastic import title next week on the #PSN. Who’s interested in hints on what it is?” This has been followed by numerous tweets asking followers to submit pictures of themselves playing other MonkeyPaw Games releases, which will result in a few other clues as rewards. So far we know that the game is a 2D shooter, and they’ve promised to hand out the first letter of the game’s title once more pictures are submitted. You can follow MonkeyPaw Games’ twitter account to keep up with their devious clue trickling game, or simply wait for the reveal and for us to tell you it.

For anyone who may have missed their earlier PSN releases (shame on you!), be sure to check out Arc The Lad, Chou Aniki, Gaia Seed, Alundra, and Arc The Lad II & Arc Arena, all of which are available now on the PSN.Do you have any guesses about what the next MonkeyPaw Games import will be?