Build Your Shops with Tales of Xillia Trailer

Namco Bandai has released a new trailer for Tales of Xillia and this time around we get one full of nothing but gameplay. In this latest trailer we get a great look at the shop build system in the upcoming RPG.

Tales of Xillia is comprised of five different kinds of shops; item, weapon, armor, food, and accessories. These shops will level up and stock better items as you progress through the game. To actually level up a shop, you can either buy items from the shop or “build” the shop. To build up the shop, you must provide it with materials to increase its experience points, thus leveling it up. Don’t worry about having to level up every item or food shop in the world though, as experience and level are shared between like shops.

Tales of Xillia is set to release exclusively on the PlayStation 3 in Japan on September 8th. No word yet on if the game will make it out West, though it has been hinted at by various members of the development group.