EA Getting Major Air with SSX Demo Plans

For those gamers out there who just aren’t sure about the upcoming SSX game from EA and want to try it before launch, you will be in luck. SSX producer Sean Smillie revealed that EA is planning a demo for the game that will come out before its release date.

Speaking to The Gaming Liberty, Sean had this to say about the demo:

Yeah, there are plans, but I haven’t been told when that’s going to happen.

He was then asked a different kind of question about the possibility of the PlayStation Vita getting an SSX game.

One of the things is that we’ve been working on SSX for quite a while. It’s a pretty big game. There are 9 major regions and 10 characters and a lot more stuff in there.

So as a development team we decided to build the game for PS3 and 360 and if people want to discuss doing other stuff with it then that’s cool but were focusing on those two for now.

SSX is currently set for release January 2012 and we enjoyed what we saw at E3 this year.