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Official PlayStation App Update 1.1 Available Now

The official PlayStation App for both Android and iPhone still haven’t been released in North America. But in Europe, the app has already received a significant update which brings a host of new features.

Version 1.1 is hitting smartphones (we can confirm for iPhone, but need reports confirming the Android update as well) across Europe that have downloaded the official PlayStation App. The update brings the following new features (click to enlarge image):

Despite the PlayStation App making great progress in Europe, a North American version is still unavailable and unannounced at this time. However, you could always download the PlayStationLifeStyle App for both Android and iPhone for up-to-the-minute updates on all things PlayStation.

The official PlayStation Android App does work on regions outside of Europe.but is only available in European Android Market. However, you can download the app here.

We’ll keep you posted if any further updates arrive, or if an app is announced for other regions.