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PS3 Child of Eden Moves to September Release Date

Ubisoft’s trippy-visual, music-‘n’-motion mash-up already released on the Xbox 360 for Kinect last month, but was unfortunately met with abysmal sales (34,000 units sold). But maybe they’ll have more luck on the PS3, as it’s finally arriving in September with some added features.

Child of Eden skipped out on the PS3 for its launch, and sales may have suffered because of it. But Ubisoft is still planning to release Child of Eden on the PS3, and a date has finally been revealed. Child of Eden will hit the PlayStation 3 on September 20th in North America.

When it does release, it will bring PlayStation Move support and 3D support. Much of the game is spent traveling down these warp-tunnel looking levels, which will likely be quite interesting to see in 3D.

To get a feel for what to expect when it arrives this September on the PS3, you can see a review for Child of Eden on our sister site, GameRevolution.