PS3 LIMBO’s Little Secret Is…

After months and months of hoping, wishing and waiting, Playdead’s LIMBO finally was made available on the PlayStation Network. While at its core it is still the game LIMBO that had much success on the Xbox 360, there is something a “little extra”.

When it was first announced that LIMBO would indeed be coming to the PS3, Playdead confirmed that there would be a “little extra secret”. Then eariler today, Playdead CEO confirmed to VG247 that the “secret” was additional content. Now, we’ve got details of how to access this additional content.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead.

This additional content is accompanied by a trophy that’s not found in the Xbox 360 version. The trophy is a hidden gold trophy called:

DING! (Gold, Hidden)Running off will get you nowhere.

To get this trophy and access this other area, you must locate all of the in-game “eggs”. Then, in the same area where you find the egg for the “Alone in the Dark” trophy, you keep walking forward until a door slams shut, and a new level will begin. However, you must have already unlocked all other “eggs”.

To find this area, it’s in chapter 25. Climb down the ladder to the previous area. Below, there’s a cave so dark you cannot see anything. Keep following the cave to the right and a when you hear the boy step into water, jump toward the right. This may take a few tries, but you’ll know you’re there by the sound of water (keep your volume up high). Once your jump is enough for him to grab the platform, run to the right to get the Alone in the Dark egg trophy. If you’ve already got that, keep running to the right and you will hear a door closing. The area has lit candles which all pertain to a trophy-based egg. So make sure you finish the game and get all other trophy-based eggs before attempting.

Anthony Severino is Editor-In-Chief at PlayStation LifeStyle, follow @Sev_PSLS_GR on Twitter.