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Relationship Between Batman and Catwoman to Feature “a lot of Stubbornness” in Arkham City

The relationship between the Dark Knight and Catwoman has been a roller coaster of sorts. Batman fans are well aware of the fact that Catwoman operates under a very different set of rules than Batman and, as such, they don’t always see eye to eye. Then again, they’re both superheroes with the same general goal, so there is a bit of common ground between them… among other things. Expect to explore the facets of their, all too complicated, relationship in Rocksteady’s upcoming Arkham City.

In an interview with Batman writer Paul Dini, the direction in which Rocksteady decided to take the relationship was a major point of consideration, and will certainly play a significant role in the game. The aim was to create a faithful and believable dynamic between the two that would play out like fans of the comics would expect.

I’d say it’s pretty true to their current relationship or what everybody thinks of their relationship. There is a lot of heat between them, we’re not going to take it really beyond that in a soap opera way. There is affection, mutual esteem, and there is also a lot stubbornness. Like, if you don’t do what I’m going to say we’re going to fight now.

There’s always going to be that heat between and yet there is always going to be friction between them because when it comes down to it they have different methodology on how they solve a problem. For as much as they feel for each other, one’s on this side of the law and the one’s on the other side of the law. They can kind of hold hands over that side, but that’s about as far as we take it in this one. That said there’s a lot of action.

With confirmation that Talia al Ghul will be making an appearance in the game, there is likely going to be a bit of drama headed Batman’s way. Check back for more updates on Catwoman’s role as the game’s October release draws near.