Console Streaming Accounts for Half of All Streaming Through Netflix

With the popularity of Netflix at an all-time high, it’s no wonder that the service has taken off on consoles. According to a recent report that was conducted by Nielsen, 50% of Netflix streaming is done through videogame devices, with a whopping 25% of all Netflix users using the Wii as their platform of choice. The PlayStation followed with 13% and the Xbox 360 close behind with 12%. It is a bit puzzling that the only non-HD console of the three is the most popular, though it does have quite a massive install base.

To no one’s surprise, streaming through the computer is still the number one choice with 42% of subscribers making it their go-to machine. Interestingly enough, 14% actually have their computer hooked up to their television when viewing content.

Naturally, when looking at Hulu Plus’ popularity on the consoles, the numbers aren’t quite as impressive. A pathetic 3% of users view Hulu content on their PS3, while 360 makes up 2%. For some reason, 3% claim to utilize Hulu on their Wii, despite the fact that it isn’t even offered on the console. 89% of all Hulu users view the service’s content on a computer.