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Sony’s Quarterly Revenue Down 10% From Last Year, PS3 Sales Dip, PSP Sales Rise

This year has been heralded by many as the year of Sony, with more high profile exclusives coming to the PlayStation 3 than either of its competitors. Unfortunately, the stellar line-up isn’t cutting it for the company, as quarterly revenue is down 10% from last year, with Sony bringing in $18.5 billion in revenue. This data comes from the first fiscal quarter, which ended on June 30th.

As far as Sony’s gaming department goes, things don’t look any brighter, with $1.5 billion in total revenue, a decline of 11.9% when compared to last year’s numbers. As far as hardware sales go, the PS3 clocks in at 1.8 million units for the quarter, a dip from last year’s 2.4 million units. On the PSP front, Sony sold more this year with a total of 1.8 million units sold, up from last year’s 1.2 million. The PS2 is slowly fading with sales of 1.4 million units, not dropping much from last year’s 1.6 million figure.

On a more positive note, Sony saw software sales increases for the PlayStation 3, with 26.1 million compared to last year’s 24.8 million. On the other hand, both PSP and PS2 sales were down, with drops from 9.2 to 6.6 million and 3.4 to 1.5 million respectively.

The rest of the Sony division isn’t looking so hot either, with the consumer products and services division (which encompasses TV, audio, etc.) bringing in $9 billion, an 18% decline from last year. Total losses have been posted at $191 million, with Sony linking these discouraging numbers to the devastating earthquake that hit Japan several months ago. As such, the company has lowered their projected earnings for the rest of the fiscal year down from $1 billion to $771.78 million.