Gran Turismo 5 DLC is in Order, Yamauchi Speaks

Gran Turismo 5 will be celebrating its one-year anniversary in four months, and we are still yet to see DLC. Okay, so the game has received an almost unprecedented amount of support through patches and updates, making the game somewhat of an MMO experience with continually evolving features. With that said, it’s hard to ignore that a few popular cars and tracks never made it into the seismic game. Now, Yamauchi has spoken.

Gran Turismo lead designer and racing extraordinaire Kaz Yamauchi is known for being a frequent poster on Twitter, and has now replied to several requests about the looming GT5 DLC. His initial post states the following (roughly translated):

Updates coming soon. First bug fixes, feature updates and DLC or the next. Huge studio production distributed systems is difficult than expected.

Okay, so more bug fixes and feature updates are on the horizon, with DLC coming after. Also, it appears that the Polyphony Digital studio responsible for GT5 has moved locations, slowing down production. After a mountain of additional replies, Yamuchi-san typed the following words (once again roughly translated):

We’re trying to meet expectations. The servers still aren’t working completely yet anyway, which is our primary struggle.

If there’s one thing we know about Yamauchi-san and his heavily experienced team at Polyphony, it’s that they won’t settle for anything less than perfection. Heck, GT5 almost avoided releasing for an entire generation, until they finally said enough is enough. Even then, the team wished they had more time to perfect the title. Hopefully this same elusive mannerism doesn’t affect DLC, because racing and automotive fans alike are itching to get their hands on some new beauties. I know I am.