Kill Zombies In Two Exclusive House of the Dead Levels

After originally coming out on the Nintendo Wii, House of the Dead: Overkill will release on the PS3 with Move and 3D support this October. The fifth game in the series, it’s the first to be developed by Headstrong Game, and, to entice PS3 owners, the developer will be including some exclusive levels.

House of the Dead:Overkill will receive two exclusive levels as part of the “Naked Terror” pack. The two levels have the player fight through a strip club, bar, and the streets of a Bayou city. There will also be new stripper and biker mutants to deal with. Instead of controlling Agent G and Detective Washington, players control Varla and her stripper friend, Candy. Sega goes into quite a bit of detail about Candy:

Candy seems to have the required staples for any standard stripper: she has a heart of gold, is wholesome, innocent, yet can be naïve to the world. There is one big difference though between her and her stripper brethren; our heroine is pretty handy with a hand cannon, and skilfully adept at taking down enemies.

There are connections between her and Jasper (the boss at the end of the Plantation level). It was as a hospital volunteer that she first met Jasper and there a romance developed. Now she works alongside Varla, hoping to one day save up enough money for her and Jasper to leave Bayou City for good. To complicate things further Jasper is Varla’s brother.

Although these levels are considered side stories, they will help players understand the main plot.

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