Arkham City Pre-Order Skins Target Fans of Batman

Would you prefer that Batman’s outfit was a little more colorful, or a bit more animated? Rocksteady offered a few pre-order bonuses for Arkham Asylum, but they have really stepped up their offerings for Arkham City. Five different suits are available from various different shops, but unfortunately, the Schumacher nipple suit isn’t one of them.

There are five different Batman suits available for gamers that pre-order Arkham City, but there is also one suit available for Robin to use in the challenge rooms. The suits are pictured above, and from left to right they are: Batman Beyond, the Dark Knight Returns, Earth One Batman, 1970’s Batman, the Animated Series Batman, and the original Batman Arkham City skin for comparison. Below is a list of where gamers can find each Batman suit. Notice that ordering from Mighty Ape will get you the Earth one, Batman Beyond, and the Animated Series skin.

Batman Beyond Skin –

The Dark Knight Returns Skin (purchase collector’s edition from any store)

Earth One Batman –

1970’s Batman – ShopTo.netToys R Us

The Animated Series Skin –

Robin’s Red Robin Skin – Best BuyJB